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Office Managers: 4 Pieces of Offsite Document Storage Advice to Live By

Meagan Mangold

As an office manager, you have a lot on your plate: preparing payroll, developing and enforcing office policies, returning emails, ordering supplies, assisting with recruiting, and more.

One key responsibility that shouldn’t be overlooked is filing and storage. You need to store your company’s records properly to ensure compliance, efficiency and security.

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Topics: Commercial Storage, records management

The Top 5 Benefits of Using A Commercial Warehousing Space

Liz Clevenger

There comes a time in every business' lifespan when the need for certain updates is necessary. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, hospital, or bank, the process of making crucial business changes can be stressful. It comes with the growing pains of running a successful company.

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Topics: Commercial Storage

INFOGRAPHIC - The Ultimate Guide to Business Records Compliance

Jacob Gilmore

As business owners, records managers, or the people fostering startups, there can be a lot on your plate to keep track of every detail that might affect your business. Something has to give. When it comes to records management, it can be a complicated issue. When government regulations come into the mix, the waters get even muddier. Most business professionals don’t have time to stop and worry about it.

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Topics: Commercial Storage