Committed to the Highest Level of Customer Protection

Protect Yourself from Risks of a Data Breach

In today’s hyper-connected world, information destruction, imaging services and records storage vendors like Gilmore are more equipped than ever to handle anything that the job throws our way—even a data breach.
In the rare event that a data breach occurs, customers need to feel certain that any financial loss is covered by a professional liability insurance policy that specifically covers claims that result from the intentional acts of employees or those that violate federal regulations. 

Choose a Company You can Count On

At Gilmore, we take every possible precaution to safely and economically store, image, and destroy your sensitive data while also securing the highest level of specialized insurance coverage should there be a case of data-related theft or fraud.
That’s why we’ve invested in the highest possible level of protection: Downstream Data Coverage. Downstream Data Coverage is a professional liability insurance developed exclusively for certified National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) members to address many of the shortcomings of standard professional liability coverage that leave service providers and their customers at risk. 

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More than Just a Policy

Downstream Data Coverage is ONLY available to certified NAID service providers like Gilmore that are subject to the routine announced and unannounced audits of NAID AAA Certification. This means that not only is the service protecting the customer with quality professional liability insurance, the service provider is also operating under the scrutiny of outside auditors trained specifically for that purpose.
The secure storage, destruction and security of our customers information and data and that of their customers and clients is our top priority, and it’s unlikely that a data breach or other security loss will occur when you select a reputable and conscientious company such as Gilmore. Through our dedication to security and our investment in Downstream Data Coverage, we’re proud to offer our customers total confidence and assurance in our services.