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Our scheduled shredding services are designed to keep your businesses confidential information safe and secure from identity theft or data breaches.  For businesses that produce large amounts of documents with sensitive information, we created this service for you.

Gilmore is a NAID Certified shredding company with multiple locations in Florida and Alabama.  Our shredding services are designed to be affordable, personable, fast, and safe!  Contact us at one of our local offices to get a competitive quote today.


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How does our Scheduled Shredding Service work?


  1. Complete the form or call us at (888) 439-7458 for a quote
  2. We will place one or more of our secure locked consoles in your office
  3. Set up a routine schedule for one of our vetted and professional shred truck drivers to empty out your consoles.
  4. After each shred job, you will receive a certificate of destruction


Commercial Onsite Shredding

For businesses that want to watch as their documents are shredded, we designed our onsite shredding services for you.  

You can watch as on of our professional shredding experts shreds you confidential documents onsite at your facility.  


Commercial Offsite Shredding

For businesses that do not need or want to watch as their documents are destroyed, this service is designed to keep your facility working without any distractions.  One of our professional shred truck drivers will remove the documents from your consoles, place them in our secure mobile shredding truck, and bring them to our facility to be destroyed.

After we have completed your shredding service, you will receive a certificate of destruction.


Secure Locked Container Sizes

When you work with Gilmore, we will make a recommendation on what size and quantity of secure consoles that will need for your office.

Under Desk

Personal Document Container (PDC)

  • Holds 9-gallons.
  • This is approximately 30 pounds of paper.
  • 12” H x 17.5” W x 13.5"D


Deskside Secure Shredding Containers

Small Shredinator

  • Holds 16-gallons.
  • This is approximately 50 pounds of paper.
  • 24” H x 11” W x 20”

Large Shredinator

  • Holds 23-gallons.
  • This is approximately 70 pounds of paper.
  • 30” H x 11” W x 20” D
Plastic Console
Executive Office Console
  • Holds 35 gallons.
  • This is approximately 100 lbs. or 4 cases of paper.
  • 37" H x 20" W x 20" D
65 gallon
65 Gallon Bin
  • Holds 65 gallons.
  • This is approximately 200 lbs. or 8 cases of paper.
  • 46" H x 24.5" W x 35" D