Document Scanning & Conversion Services

Regardless of how your documents are currently stored, Gilmore can convert them to any other medium, including software formats such as PDF or TIFF files. Sifting through boxes of paper, paying commercial rent prices to store boxes, and watching boxes collect dust can be frustrating and exhausting. Our team of Document Scanning experts can pick them up from your location, at your convenience, and convert them into high-quality images that keep for years longer than the original documents.


Reliable Custom Document Scanning Including:

Every company has different needs when it comes to digital imaging and document conversion. Our goal is to provide you with the right scanning solution to help you store and access the documents you need, when you need them. Whether you’re ready to convert all of your paper files to more secure digital formats, or simply want to get started in a cost-effective way by scanning documents on demand, your business deserves the security and comfort of knowing your documents are safe in the digital world.


Bulk Document Imaging

Are you ready to become a paperless office? This turnkey document scanning solution includes preparing your documents, conversion scanning, information indexing and storing your hard copies. Each document is physically prepared for digital conversion (i.e. removing staples and sticky notes, adding separator sheets), converted into an electronic format, indexed by our staff and then saved in your media of choice (compact disk, DVD, etc.).  The original documents can be returned to your office or confidentially destroyed with our document destruction services.  The result?  Less paper, more room in your office and a much easier way of retrieving information. 


Scan on Demand

For businesses looking for more scanning options, Scan on Demand lets you scan what you need as you go along. It’s a great solution for quickly sharing important information at a moment’s notice.  Within minutes, you can access documents through Gilmore’s secure web portal and deliver them electronically to the place they need to be.

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Why You Need Document Scanning Services

Not only is secure storage essential for paper records, it's also vital for digital information. For documents that need to be retrieved by more than one person, document scanning and storage provides secure, remote access to your company's most important documents.


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