5 Questions to Ask Your Document Storage Provider

Fri, Jan 28, 2022
By: Jacob Gilmore
5 Questions to Ask Your Document Storage Provider

Many organizations utilize commercial document storage centers to maintain their paper or digital records for the recommended or required retention period. For paper records, this can clear up much-needed real estate in your brick-and-mortar office, keep files organized for easier access, and take the burden of tracking destruction dates and maintaining archived records off your plate. For digital records, this gives you access to expensive scanning and storage software, allowing you to customize the structure to meet your needs. For both, it ensures your document storage services meet the stringent security standards set by government agencies and other regulatory bodies in your industry.

Selecting the right document storage provider can be challenging if you don't ask the right questions. These five questions can help ensure you've chosen a provider who meets your needs.

  1. How Are My Documents Protected? Look for a provider who is able to explain in detail the physical or technical protections they have in place to protect your documents from being accessed by hackers and other criminals with ill intent. 
  2. How Can I Access My Documents? Having access to your own documents when you need them supports seamless business operations and ensures you're able to comply during audits and with routine requests. Ask how you'll be able to access your documents prior to selecting a document scanning and storage company.
  3. How Long Have You Been In Business? It's okay to support start-up organizations, but it's important to know who you're entering into business with before you sign on the line. Be sure to ask how long the organization has been in business so you can research reviews, Better Business Bureau rating, etc.
  4. How Long Does It Take For Documents To Be Retrieved/Delivered? Before you hand your documents over to a third-party vendor, make sure you have a strong understanding of how long you can expect it to take for documents to be retrieved or delivered if or when you need them. When asking the question, make sure you ask for the range (i.e. what's the longest amount of time it may take?) and not just the average, especially if you provide services in a heavily regulated industry.
  5. What Industries Are You Associated With? While the company you choose doesn't necessarily have to have worked with other companies in your industry to meet your needs, set-up might be easier if you know they're familiar with both regulations and file structure in your industry. 

As you're considering different document scanning services, it's important to ask these questions of at least two different providers so you can compare and contrast the service offerings of each (along with pricing models) to make the most informed decision for your organization.

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