How Can Document Scanning Improve Your Company’s Project Management?

Mon, Jan 20, 2020
By: Steve Clopton
How Can Document Scanning Improve Your Company’s Project Management?

Managing a big project can be stressful, and it can also present an organizational challenge. In addition to bringing groups of people together, you also need to share access to important documents and other resources.

At Gilmore Services, one of the questions we’ve been hearing a lot from our clients is this:

Can document scanning help my company with project management?

This is a question we love because we have an easy answer for it: yes! But let’s talk about why finding scanning services near you can help you to manage your projects more efficiently.

The Challenges of Project Management

One of the biggest challenges of project management is sharing files and resources. When a project brings together people from various departments – or even various locations – it’s essential to find a way for everybody to access the information they need.

A related challenge is accuracy. Without access to core documents and files, the likelihood of someone making a mistake based on incorrect information increases. When people rely on their memory, there’s always a chance that they could use the wrong data on your project – leading to delays and budget overruns.

The third challenge that’s related to document management is collaboration. When everybody can see the essential documents for the project, it becomes far easier to collaborate and brainstorm than it would be otherwise.

Security is also a challenge. Working from paper documents means that you may have multiple copies of confidential files making the rounds. That’s not a good idea for you or your clients.

How Document Scanning Can Help to Improve Project Management

Now, let’s look at some of the ways that document scanning can help to improve project management.

  1. Document scanning eliminates the issue of access by making it possible for every member of your team to access documents. Whether you choose to put the documents in a shared folder for everybody to view or store them in the cloud, you’ll have the option of viewing those documents whenever you need to.
  2. Sharing documents easily also makes it easy to collaborate with others on your project management team. Even if you’re working from different locations, you can all view important documents in real-time, and that can make your meetings quicker and more efficient than they would be otherwise.
  3. Accessing scanned documents can help to eliminate errors like the ones we mentioned above. It can be a problem when people are relying on their memories to recall facts and figures. Scanning documents and sharing them allows your entire team to work from the same set of data and information.
  4. Using a document scanner service can save you time and money on your project. By eliminating much of the unnecessary back and forth that may occur when you can’t easily share information, scanning documents can help you to shorten your project’s timelines, keep meetings under control, and bring your project in on time and within your projected budget.
  5. Finally, scanning documents can greatly increase your project’s security. If you and your team are using paper documents, you need to worry about people losing documents and unauthorized people gaining access to them. That could put the security of your project and your company at risk. Scanned documents stored safely in the cloud are far more secure than paper documents.

These points illustrate why we believe document scanning is a key aspect of successful project management. It’s the best way we know to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and security for the duration of your project.



Scanning the most important documents for your projects will help you stay organized, collaborate with your team, and keep your company’s most valuable data protected from hackers.

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