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At Gilmore in Montgomery, the commitment to safeguarding sensitive information reaches new heights with their comprehensive shredding services. Boasting decades of expertise in document management, Gilmore has become synonymous with trust and security in the Gulf Coast region. From small businesses to large corporations, their shredding services cater to diverse needs, ensuring the confidential destruction of documents and data-bearing materials. Gilmore understands the paramount importance of privacy and compliance, making them the go-to partner for those seeking not just a service but a steadfast guardian of confidentiality.

Our Montgomery Shredding Services

We offer secure document shredding services for both businesses and residents of Montgomery, FL, and the surrounding areas. By offering both on and offsite shredding services, the Gilmore team can protect your data however you see fit. With convenience and flexibility in mind, we designed our paper shredding services to be easy, affordable, and secure. With Gilmore, you can save time without sacrificing security. We hold ourselves to the highest information security standards and wear our NAID AAA Certification as a badge of honor.


Scheduled Shredding Service

No matter your industry, we have got your business covered. From doctor’s offices with sensitive HIPPA regulations to honoring lawyer-client confidentiality, Gilmore is trained and equipped to protect your client’s information. We recommend setting up a scheduled shredding service for businesses in Pensacola that produce a high volume of paper documents. Our team will bring secure consoles for you and your staff to safely dispose of documents in a locked container.

Our team will come to your facility to pick up the documents at a time that fits your schedule without disrupting your workflow. Our trained and vetted drivers will remove the documents from the locked consoles and dispose of them in our mobile shredding trucks.  You can watch as your documents are destroyed on-site!

After each shred, you will receive a certificate of destruction. This certificate validates that you have followed every state and federal regulation pertaining to information security in the state of Florida.


One Time Shredding Service

Worried about compliance but do not need regular servicing? Gilmore offers a one-time shredding purge for residents and businesses in Pensacola with a small number of documents that need to be shredded.  You can simply store your papers in banker boxes or trash bags and either bring them to our facility or schedule a time for one of our professional drivers to come and pick them up.

After we shred your documents, you will receive a certificate of destruction again validating that you have followed every state and federal regulation pertaining to information security in the state of Florida. Whatever your paper shredding requirements are, Gilmore has a service that will meet your needs on your schedule.


Drop Off Shredding

Customer Drop-Off and Community Shred Events to keep our community safe and help prevent identity theft. Don’t let your personal information fall into the wrong hands by simply putting your old paper documents into a trashcan. Shredding unneeded sensitive documents keeps them from being stolen or taken out of the trash and keeps you and your family safe. If you only have a few boxes of documents that need shredding, we can help. The process is easy. Walk in one of these Pensacola locations, have your documents weighed, pay, and have your documents deposited into our secure bin for shredding.


Off-Site Shredding Services

Off-site Document Shredding Services with regularly scheduled pick-ups for shredding at our secure facilities. Document shredding services are a necessary security requirement for doing business today, no matter the size of your company. Gilmore’s off site shredding services in Pensacola provide an affordable way to adhere to information destruction best practices and protect your business along the way.


On-Site Document Shredding

On-site Document Shredding Services directly at your Pensacola office  for the destruction of confidential  materials on-premises. Whether you have one employee or thousands, secure on site shredding services will ensure all of your sensitive data is destroyed without a trace before it leaves your sight. Gilmore brings paper shredding services directly to your office by dropping off disposal bins, returning on a regular schedule with our secure fleet of mobile vehicles, and shredding all of the information on location at your business.


Shredding Bins

Gilmore's shredding bins are built to blend into any office environment and come in a variety of options.


What to Expect from Gilmore's Document Destruction Services:

Gilmore completely understands material destruction requirements and offers secure shredding services throughout Montgomery, Alabama. We provide cost-effective paper shredding for any size business. Whether you have one employee or thousands, secure on-site shredding services will ensure all of your sensitive data is destroyed without a trace before it leaves your sight.


  • AAA Certification. Have total confidence knowing your shredding solution has successfully completed the highest possible level of security evaluation any NAID member can undergo.
  • NAID Membership & Certification. Our facilities, processes, trucks, and personnel have all undergone significant screening, evaluation, and inspection to achieve this secure status level.
  • Certified Document of Destruction. A certificate of destruction is issued as your guarantee and serves as your document of compliance to ALL federal and state guidelines related to the proper handling of such information.

Gilmore is NAID certified for both on site and off site document destruction services. 


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