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Convenient Options in Secure Shredding Containers

Gilmore's shredding bins are built to blend into any office environment and come in a variety of options, all of which have a paper/media slot and a secure, metal locking mechanism that can only be opened by authorized personnel with a key.

Most commonly used, our conveniently sized, cleverly shaded, and appealingly designed bins are the ideal option for many businesses. Our stylish executive consoles (double-stacked consoles are also available) provide the unparalleled security your business demands with incorporating secured locking receptacles for your discarded documents. 

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With up to 30 pounds holding capacity, the 11 gallon personal document container (PDC) is an excellent alternative to our traditional office console, especially where space is a concerned limitation. The PDC is secure, durable, attractive, space conscious and can always be at arms reach, effectively eliminating the ‘lazy toss’ and the associated liability.

For more options, our large wheeled shredding bins are the perfect fit for busy offices. Offering large storage volume and pleasing, mobile designs our 64 gallon or 95 gallon shredding bins will store your documents securely. The contents of the full bin will be shredded either on location at your business or at our secure shredding facility. In either case, the contents will be shredded by a safe, automated process eliminating the need for the material to be handled or sorted by human hands.

While we request removing clasps or binders prior to shredding, there is no need to remove staples or paper clips. To find out more about our shredding services, we welcome you to contact us today. 


Shredding Services Reviews


I had to get several documents shredded for my job, so I looked on the Google pages which led me to Gilmore. Upon calling, I spoke to a wonderful sales rep by the name of Erica, who not only had a great attitude but was also very friendly and very knowledgeable about everything I needed to have done as well as how quickly it could be accomplished with their services. I would definitely refer anybody to this company. And I will definitely be a life long customer.

Dee Will

Gilmore has top notch services, but their employees are truly bar none.

I have had the pleasure of talking and being helped by a few of their employees with a Ms. Erica McDuffie being the absolute kindest and my favorite. I highly recommend them for all your shredding and moving services.

Lakeshia Gilliard

I highly recommend Gilmore for shredding services.  The employees and company are committed to excellence and certainly invested in the communities that they serve.  Steve Clopton always represents the company well while promoting Gilmore and supporting our community.` You can always depend on Gilmore.

B MacNeil

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