Find Out Why Your Document Management Plan Didn’t Work This Year

Wed, Dec 09, 2015
By: Jacob Gilmore
Find Out Why Your Document Management Plan Didn’t Work This Year

2015 is quickly winding down. As you look back over the past year, are you confident that your business records management program was as effective as possible?

Take our quick quiz below and see what you may be able to do to improve for 2016:

Records Management Effectiveness Quiz

  1. Is your file room (or wherever your paper records are stored) neat, clean, and easily accessible? YES or NO
  2. Are your paper records stored with consideration for natural disasters and theft? YES or NO
  3. Are your digital records appropriately stored online in a secure portal?  YES or NO
  4. Is your company 100% compliant with all laws and regulations regarding document management for your state, local, and industry? YES or NO
  5. Are you able to locate and extract necessary information from any record when needed? YES or NO
  6. Have you securely destroyed all sensitive records that no longer need to be kept? YES or NO
  7. Have you securely destroyed all hard drives and other digital media that have been replaced? YES or NO

Now, count up all of the YES and NO responses.

If you have any less than 7 YES answers, then your document management plan might be falling short of ideal, and it could be leaving you exposed to criminal activity, costly litigation, or, at the very least, a lot of time-consuming frustration.

How to improve your business records management plan for 2016

The easiest way to improve your records management efforts in 2016 is to partner with a trusted document management partner with the experience and qualifications needed to keep your sensitive records secure.

Be sure to look out for these key services to ensure you will be able to fill out the Records Management Effectiveness Quiz with all YES’s:

  • Offsite document storage: a safe, secure, environment controlled commercial warehousing facilities with barcode scanner indexing for paper records of all kinds.
  • Full service document conversion: the ability to convert frequently used hard copies into electronic files with document scanning and conversion services that make every page of every record accessible from your computer or mobile screen.
  • Secure document and media destruction: NAID-certified document and media destruction services to help you comply with regulations and keep yourself and your customers safe from identity theft and hacking.
  • Custom retention scheduling: a media rotation and retention schedule that ensures your offsite records are always within compliance and that what you no longer need is destroyed securely in a timely fashion.

At Gilmore Services, we offer all of the above services and more to help you make your records management program the best it can be this year and for years to come. For more details, read our download, “Is Your Small Business in Danger?” or contact us today. 

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