Secure Document Destruction to Keep Your Business Safe and Compliant

Document destruction is a critical aspect of data security and privacy for businesses today. Being in businesses today requires more than meeting customer and client needs. Privacy laws and compliance regulations also mandate protecting sensitive information, which includes secure disposal of your documents, data and products.

Gilmore Services completely understands material destruction requirements and processes and offers multiple options to customers based on location, budget and volume. We provide cost-effective paper shredding, document destruction services and disintegration of other material, for any size business.


Our full offering of destruction services includes:


What to Expect from Gilmore's Information Destruction Services:

Our secure document destruction process is constantly evaluated, assuring you and your clients, customers, patients, cardholders, etc., that information will be held in the strictest confidence and handled with the greatest possible care from the time it is picked up at your facilities until it is destroyed and delivered to a recycling facility. You can expect:

  • Secure Transportation. All documents leave your business in a GPS monitored vehicle for secure tracking and are transported to our NAID AAA certified main facility
  • AAA Certification. Have total confidence knowing your shredding partner has successfully completed the highest possible level of security evaluation any NAID member can undergo
  • NAID Membership & Certification. Our facilities, processes, trucks, and personnel have all undergone significant screening, evaluation, and inspection to achieve this secure status level
  • Certified Document of Destruction. A certificate of destruction is issued as your guarantee and serves as your document of compliance to ALL federal and state guidelines related to the proper handling of such information
  • HIPAA Compliant. All employees at Gilmore Services are specially trained and criminal-background checked to adhere to HIPAA compliance.

Gilmore Services is NAID certified for both on site and off site document shredding services and is a GSA vendorContact us to protect your sensitive information and stay compliant through our secure disposal processes.


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