Why Your Law Firm Should Consider Off-site Shredding and Storage Services

Wed, Sep 23, 2015
By: Jim Beran
Why Your Law Firm Should Consider Off-site Shredding and Storage Services

By their very nature, law firms generate a tremendous amount of records. Most, if not all of those records, whether on paper or in digital form, contain sensitive information that must be cared for properly to protect the firm and the privacy its clients.

While some records may be filed away for years and never seen again, others must be accessed routinely throughout the course of doing business.

For this reason, most law offices have one or more entire rooms set aside for file storage. Some organizations may even have one or more full-time employees on staff who do nothing but store and retrieve files every day. This process can be a headache, but in some situations, there doesn't seem to be a away around it.

How Off-site Storage and Shredding Can Help Law Firms

Some firms have come to realize how much time, money, and effort can be saved when they bring in a professional records management partner to help with records storage and destruction.

For example, a professional records management partner can:

  • Use document imaging services to create digital copies of frequently used paper records so employees can access them securely on their computers rather than retrieving the paper file each time.
  • Store paper records with offsite document storage in a secure facility where they're under 24/7 surveillance and no longer take up valuable office space.
  • Create optimized records retention schedules to ensure no document is destroyed before it should be, or kept in storage longer than necessary.
  • Provide NAID Certified document destruction services services to meet all applicable laws and regulations and keep information secure as it reaches the end of its lifecycle.

If your law office needs to regain control of the mountain of paper and electronic records hindering productivity and costing time and money, contact us today to discuss what our experienced records management company can do for you.

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