Is Media Destruction the Missing Piece in Your Records Management Puzzle?

Wed, Oct 21, 2015
By: Jacob Gilmore
Is Media Destruction the Missing Piece in Your Records Management Puzzle?

If you've ever invested hours into putting together a jigsaw puzzle, then you know or can imagine the frustration that comes from finding that a piece is missing.

Not only does it leave a glaring hole in the finished product, but it prevents you from seeing the full picture and it robs you of the satisfaction that comes from finishing the job right.

When it comes to records management, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Most companies have at least some type of records management program in place, some more formal than others. Sometimes, though, an important piece is missing, and the results are similar to that jigsaw puzzle: frustration and poor results.

Document Destruction

Secure document destruction services, or shredding, is often a foundational part of any formal records management plan. With shredding arranged, a company can ensure that sensitive data stored on paper files will remain secure and protected from unauthorized use.

In today's litigious atmosphere and with  identity theft  a constant worry, proper document destruction services can offer protection for businesses and peace of mind for its customers.

Where Does Media Destruction Come In?

There is another kind of information destruction that may be overlooked when making records management plans. It offers the same benefits as certified document destruction, but some companies don't even realize it's needed. What is it? Digital media destruction.

With few exceptions, most sensitive documents that ends up as a paper record started out as an electronic file. These digital copies are often stored under various levels of security on computer hard drives throughout the office, on laptops or mobile devices, and in the cloud.

If you're using cloud services like Google Drive or DropBox, there may be security measures in place, but their user agreements will likely warn you not to trust them explicitly with sensitive information. For more protection, other cloud options are designed for higher levels of security. But what about the original files on your computer hard drives?

Did you know that it takes a skilled hacker a matter of minutes to gain access to the average PC even if it's password protected? Did you also know that files you've deleted from your hard drive are likely still saved in an easily retrievable format that would only take a hacker a few more seconds to locate?

Realizing these facts, you can imagine what a treasure trove of information a discarded laptop or hard drive can be to a technologically capable identity thief. The only way to guarantee that all your digital files are completely safe from hackers and thieves is to have the media they are stored on physically destroyed. That's why certified media destruction should be part of every comprehensive records management program.

If you're not 100% sure your electronic files are safe right now, contact us to discuss your options for digital media destruction.

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