The Difference Between Bulk Document Imaging Vs. Scan on Demand

Wed, Aug 13, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
The Difference Between Bulk Document Imaging Vs. Scan on Demand

Businesses seek out document scanning services for different reasons. For businesses that are required to retain documents for a certain time period, must quickly retrieve information or want to consolidate and organize their office, digitally scanning information is a common document storage tool.

Depending on your industry and particular need, there are two primary scanning options for your important records.

Bulk Document Imaging

If your office is has resorted to filling storage rooms, filing cabinets, or basements with hard copy documents that need to be retained, bulk document imaging can reduce clutter and securely store information. For offices looking to go “paperless”, this is a way to organize and empty boxes of records otherwise taking up space. Each document is physically prepared for digital conversion and converted into an electronic image. These images can then be uploaded to the cloud for immediate viewing or converted to a disk or flash drive and delivered or shipped back to you.

Bulk document imaging is also a solution to for businesses needing a scanning schedule for certain documents such as warranties, payroll reports, invoices or recent financial records. At Gilmore Services, we can routinely pick up your documents and have them converted to a disk within 24 hours. Outsourcing your document scanning is the best way to do the job quickly and free up valuable time for your employees to focus on other important daily tasks. 

With bulk document imaging, the hard copy documents can either be returned to your office, stored in our secured facility or properly destroyed, resulting in less paper, more room in your office and a much easier way of retrieving information.

Scan on Demand

For businesses still interested in freeing up storage space, but only needing to scan a document when it is actually required, scan on demand lets you scan less frequently referenced documents. It’s a great solution for quickly retrieving important information at a moment’s notice. Simply store your records at our secure facility, and when you need a file, request it to be sent electronically. With Scan on Demand service, your documents can be quickly and securely delivered to any recipient in the world with Internet access, without compromising the security of your information.

Depending on your company’s specific needs, bulk document imaging, scan on demand or a hybrid of both help save time and create a more organized, streamlined office. At Gilmore Services, we offer scanning solutions to fit your company’s needs. Find out if your information is safer with document scanning and imaging and contact us to learn more.

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