Records Storage Systems That Can Change Your Law Firm

Tue, Dec 22, 2020
By: Steve Clopton
Records Storage Systems That Can Change Your Law Firm

When you are a law firm, you are held to a higher standard for protecting your clients’ data. Identity theft is a real problem that could cost your law firm hefty fines. One of the more significant issues a law firm has is that they store records right in the office.

Having locked filing cabinets inside a locked file room helps to keep information secure, but if all employees have access, just how secure is that file room? Additionally, if someone doesn’t lock up, any client could walk right in and help himself or herself.

Consider an Off-Site Records Storage System

Combining legal document management software with a NAID-certified off-site records storage system. Once you scan the documents into a legal files document management system, you have no need for paper records in the office. And, you can password-protect files to give access to only those working on the case, which is another layer of security.

Some of the benefits of a records storage system include:

  • Tracking documents via bar codes;

  • Freeing up office space;

  • Removing the clutter of files on desks, which makes them “invisible” to clients;

  • Allowing faster product production since employees are not looking through paper files – they can search digital files;

  • Preventing loss of important documents;

  • Minimizes legal exposure to identity theft and fraud for the law office;

  • Increased document security; and

  • Protection against emergencies and elements.

Combine Management Systems for Increased Security

Combining records storage for law firm, cloud records management, and secure document destruction with an in-house legal document management system significantly increases the security of your client’s private information, especially if you have excellent computer security.

When you have everything stored digitally, plus your documents are all in one place, you know where those documents are and who has access to them.

Additionally, since the documents are scanned via bar codes, you know which files have reached maturity. If a client does not want his or her file, it’s an easy step to move them from the secure filing system to the shredder.

Start Fresh!

Since it’s almost the end of 2020, now is the time to implement a new digital records storage management system and get all of those paper files into a safe, secure place.

As you go through the files, determine which files need to be kept and for how long, and separate those that you no longer need to keep. We’ll shred the old files and move the new files – after you scan them into your law office document management system – to our secure filing system.

Growing Your Business

Because having digital access to files shaves off a lot of the time that it takes employees to search through paper files; you’ll be able to take on more clients and grow your business.

Clients will be happier because they’ll have a quicker turn around on their cases. And, your clients’ information will be secure.

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