Protect Your Customers Data-Hard Drive Destruction

Wed, Jun 23, 2021
By: Jim Beran
Protect Your Customers Data-Hard Drive Destruction

With identity theft more prevalent than ever and more and more companies going fully digital, the risk of customer data getting into the wrong hands is even higher. Most companies have good security, but they don't think about letting data on old hard drives getting into criminals' hands. 

Hard Drive Destruction

You can't just format a hard drive or delete sensitive data on a hard drive before throwing it away. Identity thieves have programs that can restore the data. Because of the increased security in firewalls and other tech to protect networks, identity thieves look for old hard drives. The best way to get rid of an old hard drive – or any digital media, for that matter – is to employ hard drive destruction services to shred the digital media.

When you use Gilmore, we can provide secure lockboxes for documents and digital media. When the boxes are full or on a pre-scheduled appointment day, we'll bring our truck with our hard drive destruction tool to shred the digital media and your paper files.

We document the hard drive serial numbers and degaussed each hard drive to erase everything. Once that is done, we physically destroy the hard drive, which makes your data unrecoverable. You will receive a NAID certificate of destruction to prove that you complied with the regulations for keeping customer data safe.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

If you do not adequately protect your customers' data, not only could you face fines, but customers could take legal action against you. When you use our hard drive disposal services, you have one less thing to worry about. Hard drive destruction cost is much less than facing legal action from your customers when someone steals the data from a hard drive that you thought you cleaned.

The DIY approach to destroying hard drives isn't nearly as secure as you might think, especially if you do not know what type of hard drive you have. Identity thieves have software that can recover data, even if you used data destroying software. You can punch holes in some hard drives, but thieves can still recover data if they can still spin. If you do not adequately destroy a hard drive, identity thieves can still pull information from undamaged sectors.

Hard Drive Disposal

If you have hard drives to dispose of, you need to know what to do with old hard drives. The best way to protect your customers' data is to hold on to the hard drives, keeping them locked up. When Gilmore Shredding visits to shred your documents, we can also shred the hard drives, which helps you avoid non-compliance, relieves employee burden, and increases business efficiency.

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All businesses that use computers have sensitive data on their hard drives. Computers do not last forever, which means that you will eventually have to find a way to destroy those hard drives. Keeping them takes up much space, and you also have the risk of someone stealing them, whether it's an employee or someone that walks in off the street for an appointment and happens to see the unlocked hard drives.

If you have hard drives to dispose of, contact Gilmore for hard drive destruction today.