Disasters Happen. Are Your Sensitive Documents Secure?

Wed, Nov 12, 2014
By: Jim Beran
Disasters Happen. Are Your Sensitive Documents Secure?

Businesses and homeowners know that disasters are a part of life, yet many of us still lack the proper planning to protect our sensitive documents. Like any tragic event, it’s easier to adopt an out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude than face the possibility of a disaster affecting your home or business.

From natural disasters like fires or hurricanes to a broken pipe to a burglary, disaster has many faces. Though many of us would rather keep on our rose-colored glasses, it’s essential to determine if your sensitive documents are secure before a disaster strikes. 

What does your disaster recovery plan look like?

As we ride out the last weeks of hurricane season, we’re reminded just how vulnerable we are to a natural disaster. Unforeseen flooding or an accidental fire can quickly ruin your most valuable records and sensitive documents. 

Because recovering from a disaster is often a hectic time, having a document disaster recovery plan in place first can keep you organized while you sort through the damage caused by severe weather or unforeseen event. Working with a records management company is the safest way to ensure your records are in good hands during a disaster. Look for a records management partner that offers several disaster recovery options like:

  • Secure, fire-rated, storage facility for off-site storage of vital information
  • Easy access to retrieve your documents if and when you need them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Mobile freezing units to stop water damage from destroying documents
  • Portable water detection equipment to identify possible water contamination of unopened containers
  • Safe shipment of vital information to another site if fast recovery time is required
  • Clearance to securely handle sensitive or confidential materials

Because disasters aren’t always easy to predict, now is the time to implement a strong document disaster recovery plan. Contact us today to find out the many ways we can keep your information safe in the event of a disaster and learn the immediate steps to take to reduce damage to documents after a disaster.