Document Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery for Your Vital Documents

When disaster strikes, panic doesn’t have to. With Gilmore document disaster recovery plans, you can worry about one less thing knowing that your data is safe even when your surroundings feel vulnerable to Mother Nature. When a natural disaster occurs, getting businesses back up and running is an important step in rebuilding and putting our community back together. We are here to help by providing:

  • Secure, fire-rated, concrete storage facility (on a 500 year flood plain) for off site storage of vital information, especially your disaster recovery plan.
  • Easy access to retrieve your documents if and when you need them – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Mobile freezing units to stop water damage from destroying documents.
  • Portable water detection equipment to identify possible water contamination of unopened containers.
  • Safe shipment of vital information to another site if fast recovery time is required.
  • Clearance to securely handle sensitive or confidential materials.

If the unfortunate does happen, Gilmore will aid you in every step of information and system recovery, getting your business back on track as quickly as possible. 


Contact us to get a disaster recovery plan in place and reduce unnecessary financial, physical and emotional loss.


Is Your Small Business in Danger


Why You Need Disaster Recovery Services 

While no business is exempt from natural disasters, every company has the opportunity to be better prepared. Rely on Gilmore Services for disaster recovery experience and swift action to protect and salvage your documents when disaster strikes.