Inventory Management

The ability to easily find your files and keep track of your inventory is an essential reason for storing your documents with a Records Management company like Gilmore. 

Our technology systems and proven processes enable you to securely store important files and access them in a blink. With Gilmore, you can retrieve files when and where you want using:

  • Web-based Management offers an easier way to retrieve your files and eliminate phone calls, faxes and emails. Through the RSWeb.Net access portal, you have a secure, powerful and convenient way to manage your own records, as well as place orders, and gain back control over your business information.
  • Real-time Access to your records through our secure Cloud Document Storage system.
  • File-Level Indexing to provide immediate access to critical information when retrieving an entire box is not efficient or necessary. Gilmore Services will help you create an inventory of your information at the file level, giving you complete control to manage and access your records when only one file or page is needed.
  • Online Scheduling to easily order pickups and deliveries for new or existing inventory.
  • Automated Account Access to quickly monitor the history of your records activity and generate reports.
  • Personalized Media Rotation to make sure your records are expertly archived, routinely updated without incident and rotated to a schedule that fits your backup procedures while providing a detailed audit trail of activity.
  • Secure Transportation of all media in safe, environmentally-controlled, GPS monitored vehicles. At specific intervals of handling, your media is barcoded and scanned for tracking purposes to document the “chain of custody”.
  • Climate Controlled, Vault Storage monitored 24/7 via video surveillance with sophisticated security systems, and managed by trained teams of data protection professionals.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Just imagine…all of this from your desk, saving time, enhancing accountability, eliminating costly errors and enabling greater productivity. Effective inventory management can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce holding costs, and improve overall operational efficiency. In essence, inventory management is a strategic discipline that plays a pivotal role in maximizing profitability and maintaining a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape. Learn more about partnering with Gilmore to keep your inventory organized and accessible.


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