Cloud Document Storage & Document Conversion Services  

Cloud document storage services have revolutionized the way businesses manage and access their digital documents, offering a flexible and secure solution for storing and collaborating on data from anywhere in the world. Storing and managing documents in the digital space is now a business “must” as paper files grow and rules tighten around records management compliance. However, not all businesses have the financial and personnel resources, or desire, to set up an in-house network with appropriate hardware, software and IT support required for digital imaging and storage.

Gilmore delivers a complete cloud storage system based on the software as a service (SaaS) model so any businesses can create an efficient and compliant digital storage and records management plan.

Our Cloud Storage System Includes:

  • Secure, online portal to administer records directly from your desktop
  • No training or special customization
  • No up-front capital expenditures
  • No hardware costs or software licensing fees

  • No limit to the number of authorized users

  • Easy, secure access to documents from any location that has internet access

Because Gilmore is a complete document management solution, we can even scan your records to get you started with digital formatting. Once everything is in the cloud, our off site document storage and document destruction services help you manage the full lifecycle of your important business records.

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Why You Need Digital Storage

While storing hard copy files in a secure off site document storage facility is one important part of your records management plan, ensuring records are also backed up securely in the cloud is one more line of defense to protect your valuable business information.