4 Tools Records Management Companies Should Use

Tue, Jul 22, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
4 Tools Records Management Companies Should Use

The role of records management is extremely important to businesses. Ultimately, companies are built on paperwork like contracts, certifications, tax information and employment records.

For businesses looking to safeguard and organize their information, many seek out a professional records management company. For comprehensive care over the lifespan of your documents, records management companies should offer several different tools to organize, store and destroy business documents.

1. Off-site secure storage.

One the most well known functions of a records management company is document storage services. Secure transportation of documents, barcode scanning, environmental control and 24/7 video surveillance offer the ultimate protection over your records.

2. Digital inventory management.

Along with physical records storage, the second tool records management companies should use is digital inventory management. A complete cloud management system means any business has access to a secure, online portal to back up documents digitally in case of a disaster. Records management companies that offer document scanning can begin scanning your documents for you to begin the digital storage process.

3. Retention and destruction.

Today, records management companies should offer retention scheduling to keep businesses organized and in compliance. After documents have reached their date for destruction in a retention schedule, they must be properly destroyed. Records management companies that offer shredding services understand material destruction requirements and processes to provide secure document shredding.

4. Disaster recovery.

Beyond storage and shredding, disaster recovery services are the fourth critical tool for records management companies to use. When you hand over your records for storage, it’s important to know that they are safe, even in the event of a disaster. Here’s an example of how our disaster recovery department defends documents against a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood.

  • Secure, fire-rated, concrete storage facility (on a 500 year flood plain) for off-site storage of vital information, especially your disaster recovery plan.
  • Easy access to retrieve your documents if and when you need them – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Mobile freezing units to stop water damage from destroying documents.
  • Portable water detection equipment to identify possible water contamination of unopened containers.
  • Safe shipment of vital information to another site if fast recovery time is required.
  • Clearance to securely handle sensitive or confidential materials.

Tools like off-site storage, digital document management, destruction and disaster recovery manage your records from beginning to end, all while protecting your business and keeping you in compliance. Find out how or records management company can help your business and learn the hidden costs and dangers of document self-storage.  

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