Protect Your Customers Data

Mon, Apr 26, 2021
By: Jim Beran
Protect Your Customers Data

A hard drive is a particularly valuable item to a criminal. Whether it starts as an idle curiosity or a full-fledged identity theft scheme, hard drives contain much information that people would prefer to keep private. If you own a business, it's up to you to keep your customers' information from falling into the wrong hands. The ripple effects of just one identity breach can branch into areas of people's lives that they may not have even realized were possible. Merely wiping a hard drive can't always do the job, and this is a common fallacy that can land people in hot water. Real hard drive destruction takes the whole process a step further, so you're assured that all the data stored on that drive is gone forever. 

Hard Drive Destruction 

Businesses are required to offer customers reasonable protections from identity theft. Increasingly, this means investing in cybersecurity to keep any virtual data under lock and key. From encryption to firewalls, business owners can invest in a lot of measures to keep people safe. Yet even if their network is buttoned up as well as it could be, this doesn't always address how people dispose of old devices. If you're wondering what to do with old hard drives, it's important to have a strong protocol in place. Magnets, microwaves, acid baths, hammers: these are methods of destruction that are not always effective and definitely not recommended. After all, working with acid may destroy a hard drive, but not without the risk of harming you too. 

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Passwords to credit card information to routing numbers and hard drive destruction services will ensure that no one stumbles onto the information. Deleting your hard drive isn't enough, particularly if you're working with an older device that criminals have had more than enough time to master. Without the right hard drive disposal policy, it might be relatively easy to restore everything from confidential files to proprietary information. If you have any customer passwords stored on the hard drive, this can be catastrophic when you consider the fact that many people use the same passwords for other accounts. Customer data protection isn't just required for compliance laws. It's also required to keep your reputation in good standing. 

Gilmore Document Destruction

If you don't want to take chances with your hard drives or your customer's data, Royal Document Destruction is here to help. To ask about hard drive destruction cost or get more details about how we work with your devices, we answer all your questions and give you all the information upfront. Our services ensure that all data is destroyed, so all you're left with is a certificate that you can show an auditor or compliance investigator in case you need to. Taking steps to keep your customers safe has to be a broad-spectrum application. So if you're going to install security cameras to monitor your building at night, you have every reason to go the extra mile with professional hard drive destruction. With the right hard drive destruction tool, one that takes into account the internal design of the device, your customers can trust you to protect their data.