Peak Moving Season is Here: Are You Prepared for Your Household Move?

Wed, Apr 15, 2015
By: Jim Beran
Peak Moving Season is Here: Are You Prepared for Your Household Move?

Summertime is nearly upon us. The weather is warm, the kids are soon out of school, and many people are feeling the itch to embark on spring cleaning and a fresh start. As the weather warms up, peak moving season is also in full swing.

If you’re planning a move for the summer, now is definitely the time to start documenting a plan rather than leaving everything for the last minute. A few weeks ago we published a helpful long-distance residential moving checklist that can be a great resource to use to make sure things are squared away for a big move.

Even if you’re just moving across town, planning and stress are present in most moves, big or small. As one of the leading residential moving companies in the Southeast, we have the experience and tools to simplify the moving process so you can enjoy this summer just like every other.

Plan ahead

Even a small move can include big headaches if you’re not prepared. Make sure all the big and little details are handled well in advance of the actual move date, including:

  • Utility startups and shutoffs
  • Closing/lease signing
  • Cleaning/maintenance/repairs at the new and old homes
  • Address changes
  • New schools/school bus routes
  • Scope out the new nearest grocery store/gas station/restaurants
  • All keys are handy and clearly labeled

By getting all these things and more arranged prior to the potentially chaotic days before your household move, you will reduce your stress and reduce the chances of forgetting something important.

One week out

As the big move approaches, you’ll want to get started early on the sorting and packing chores. Of course, if your moving company offers full service packing and crating, that’s one heavy task you can sit back and forget about. But if you choose to handle it yourself, you’ll want to get a head start early on.

Be sure to have sturdy moving supplies on hand, including packaging materials to protect fragile belongings. Separate out the items you absolutely must have on hand right up until the moment you leave your house for the last time and pack everything else in reverse priority order. Clearly label every box with a reminder of what’s inside as well as a clear note of where in the new house it should end up. This will make your eventual unpacking job much simpler and faster.

On the day of the move

If you’ve managed to prepare well ahead of time and you’re working with a reputable professional residential moving company, all you should really need to do on the day of the move is:

  • Sit back
  • Relax
  • Enjoy your new home

If you are gearing up for a move this summer, contact us to find out how we can help arrange a stress-free move for you.

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