Outsourcing Records Management Could Be One of The Best Business Decisions You Make This Year

Wed, Mar 04, 2015
By: Jacob Gilmore
Outsourcing Records Management Could Be One of The Best Business Decisions You Make This Year
If you're currently handling your records management activities in-house, you're probably familiar with the scene to the left, or one like it.

There are plenty of reasons why handling your document storage, retrieval, and destruction on your own can compromise your business. Without a streamlined plan for information, organizations run the risk of clutter, lost information or identity theft from misplaced information. Beyond cleaning out a storage room where you currently have dusty file cabinets stuffed with outdated records, here are three excellent reasons to consider outsourcing your records management:

Time is money

Take a few moments and think about how much time you or employees at your company will spend today handling records. From walking to the storage room to hunting for the right file to making copies, the process could be time-consuming. And that's just to retrieve a record you already have! If you're creating and filing records, there are more steps still, and more opportunities for wasted time.

Now, imagine pulling up a secure online portal, typing in a quick search for the document you need, and having a scanned version pop up on your screen in a few seconds. With document imaging, you could potentially touch a piece of paper once as it goes from your printer to a file box or shipping container, and to an offsite storage facility. There, documents are scanned and saved electronically, and then filed for immediate retrieval should the hard copy be needed again. Does outsourcing your records management save time? Absolutely.

The threat of identity theft

These days, thieves are incredibly tech-savvy and they will use any tools or programs at their disposal to get what they want. But, that doesn't mean thieves won't choose the easier method of pulling valuable private information right out of your overstuffed filing cabinets or even your office trash cans.

If your company maintains any sort of private, identifying information about customers, patients, or clients, you are a prime target for identity theft. Even after the documents are thrown away, they still pose a threat, unless they're effectively shredded and disposed of properly. Many business owners decide to outsource their document management for peace of mind, knowing their documents are being held in a safe and secure environment with the latest in physical and digital security measures in place.

Remaining compliant

In some industries, including healthcare and insurance, state and federal laws mandate how physical and digital records need to be maintained. Because of the constant danger of identity theft, potential lawsuits, and other regulatory matters, falling out of compliance can mean fines and penalties, as well as the loss of a hard-won reputation.

In these cases, outsourcing records management to a certified company makes the most sense. Not only does it mean regulatory compliance is in the bag, it also means you can get back to caring for customers or patients. For more reasons to consider outsourcing your records management instead of doing it yourself, download our free case study below and contact us with any questions. 

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