It's Time Your Company Starts Looking Into Hard Drive Destruction

Tue, Feb 09, 2021
By: Steve Clopton
It's Time Your Company Starts Looking Into Hard Drive Destruction

You might not even think of it, but you have tons of confidential information on your computer, phone, tablet, external hard drives, USB drives and other digital media.

What happens to that information when you upgrade your devices? You probably back everything up to the cloud, but that information is still on the hard drive of the device you are no longer using.

Businesses have much more in that they have employee and customer information on their hard drives. Part of data security is properly disposing of these old hard drives. You can’t just throw them away, as hackers look for that – they know they can glean a ton of personal information from hard drives.

Digital Hoarding

Because most people don’t know how to properly destroy a hard drive or they don’t trust their methods of destruction, they end up keeping the old devices. And there’s tons of information saved on those devices, because you probably think that you might need that information later – or because you are a business and are required to save the information in those files.

You might have looked at hoarders like they’re crazy, but guess what? You just might be a digital hoarder if you have tons of information that might be useless stored on old hard drives. There is an intervention for that.

You might ask yourself, “Intervention? What to do with old computers?” and shake your head as if you’re not like those hoarders you see on TV.

When you use data security services for hard drive destruction, you gave yourself an intervention. You’ll also create a ton of space where you had all those old devices stored. And you can get rid of data before you even shred your hard drives to make it harder for a hacker to get your data.

The average American has 13 apps they don’t use on their phones, 21 desktop icons, 582 cell phone pictures, and 654.5 gigs of data stored on external storage devices. It’s time to clean up your devices.

Recycling Hard Drives and Other Digital Media

You might have heard about recycling hard drives and other digital media. However, there are many risks involved with this practice.

Overwriting data doesn’t completely erase it. Drilling holes in the hard drive allows most data to be recovered. Even deleting everything with programs that are supposed to wipe everything isn’t foolproof.

The one foolproof way to ensure that no one gets hold of your private data is hard drive shredding.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Shredding your hard drives and other digital media is the only surefire way of ensuring that unsavory characters don’t get hold of your personal information – or in the case of a business, your employees’ and customers’ information. Gilmore Services shreds computer hard drives, CDs, thumb drives, DVDs, SD cards and mobile phones.

Contact Gilmore Services

Whether you have one hard drive or a box full of devices to shred, contact Gilmore Services to discuss shredding them.

Thirty-seven percent of used hard drives purchased by a second owner still contain data. Don’t let your data get into the hands of someone else.