How to Clear Those Hard Copies Off Your Desk for Good

Wed, Jan 21, 2015
By: Jacob Gilmore
How to Clear Those Hard Copies Off Your Desk for Good

If you've ever sat down at your desk and had a hard time finding the mouse for your computer, or the computer itself, you're suffering from a common problem: Paper Overload. With the average office worker using 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year, it’s clear how easy it is to accumulate an excessive amount of hard copies that end up cluttering your desk and your office.

Thankfully, modern technology makes the idea of a paperless office a real possibility for most businesses. Reducing the amount of paper a business uses is not only good for the environment, by preserving trees and limiting carbon emissions from paper manufacturing, but there are important business benefits as well.

The shift toward a paperless office provides an excellent way to ensure necessary records are always readily accessible using a computer or mobile device, and that hard copies are no longer cluttering your desk or file room.

Clearing the hard copies for good

For companies with years of paper records they need to refer to routinely, the first step in going paperless involves using professional document scanning services that will transfer paper records into electronic documents you can access in a secure portal online. If hard copies are necessary for future use, secure offsite document storage provides a means of cleaning up the office without throwing away important information. 

Once the backlog is processed, companies can move to only digital documentation in the future, or continue to keep documents organized with a combination of document imaging and document storage.  For necessary hard copies, setting up up a convenient, routine transfer of paper documents on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis can keep paper records scanned and stored securely. Best of all, businesses can let go of time-consuming document management tasks, and feel safe knowing a certified records management company is handling the information.

Just imagine sitting down at a clean, uncluttered desk, and simply clicking on a file to bring up a clear electronic copy of the exact record you need in just a few seconds. To learn more about document scanning for your business, contact us and find out if your document management plan is a sham.