If You Think Document Storage is Only for Big Companies, Think Again

Wed, Nov 26, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
If You Think Document Storage is Only for Big Companies, Think Again

There is a common misconception that document storage is mainly applicable to large corporate businesses with a lot of sensitive information like medical practices, accounting companies or law firms.

Though these organizations do collect important personal information and have strict regulations for managing documents, the value of document storage should not be lost on small businesses. You might not run a large corporation, but you do handle handle secure information, for yourself and your customers, on a daily basis.

When it comes to important records, laws and regulations don’t discriminate on the size of your business. What matters is if your business is following those industry laws and regulations appropriately. Professional document storage is one way to secure important documents for their entire lifecycle, ensuring your business is in compliance. 

If your business retains documents, you’re not too small

Whether you run a large corporation or a local business, sensitive information must always be secure information, and must be cared for as such. If your records storage system hasn’t been updated in the past decade, it is time to reevaluate your process to be certain that your business documents are not in danger. Records scattered in a storage room or stuffed in a filing cabinet are at risk for being lost, stolen or damaged.

At a professional document storage company, many levels of care like a secure facility, background-checked employees and computer-indexed files keep your important information safe.

Let big companies set the standard 

It’s easy to assume only big companies need secure document storage to manage a large quantity of files. Instead of leaving proper document management to the big businesses, look to them as an example of why it’s important to keep your business’s information secure.


Just as mega corporations like Target, and JPMorgan are not exempt from data breaches, neither is your small business. In reality, every business, big or small is vulnerable to the threat of information theft or damage from a disaster.

To protect your documents, there is no better ally than a document management company that is qualified to store and secure important information.

Does your business need to revisit its document storage system? Our records management company is here to help you get your documents in order. Contact us today and find out if your document management plan is a sham

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