Is Your Document Management Plan a Sham?

Wed, Nov 05, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
Is Your Document Management Plan a Sham?

Most businesses have an idea of what their document management plan should look like. A reliable shredder and an organized filing system are the go-to visions of a business with a records management plan in place.

However, as many people come to find out, lack of consistency, time and organization can quickly derail a well-laid document management plan.

Over-filled filing cabinets, stacks of boxes and office clutter indicate important information has gotten out of hand. Because properly managed information is at the heart of every business, it’s time to find out if your document management plan is really a sham. 

Compliance: the missing link

No matter how organized or messy the office, business records management goes beyond appearances. Above all else, records must be compliant with industry laws and regulations to secure your business from litigation and fines. Every year, millions of dollars in fines are issued to businesses for noncompliance. Look for a records management company that offers retention scheduling to keep track of retention dates for your important records. Just remember, proper compliance now can prevent expensive fees down the road.

Proper destruction is half the battle

While retention is often necessary for certain documents, a solid document management plan doesn’t mean holding on to everything indefinitely. In fact, shredding outdated documents can remove liability for businesses. A qualified records management company can handle document shredding to help you stay organized, reduce the threat of identity theft and remove liability from outdated documents. With routine document shredding, time and money allocated to an employee to shred documents can be redirected back into the business.

How does your business fare? If your document management solution is lacking in keeping your business compliant and organized, it’s time to reevaluate. Contact our records management company to find out the ways your business can be better protected with document management.

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