5 Signs It's Time for Professional Records Management

Wed, Sep 24, 2014
By: Jim Beran
5 Signs It's Time for Professional Records Management

There are many reasons businesses seek out professional records management services. Whether your company is growing, your office space is becoming cluttered or you need assistance staying compliant with laws and regulations, a qualified records management company can help customize a plan of action for managing your business’s information.

To find out if your business is ready to outsource document storage services, pay attention to these five signs it’s time for professional records management.

1. Office clutter.
If your office is steadily becoming more chaotic with boxes, stuffed filing cabinets or stacks of documents, it might be time to clear the clutter and consider off-site document storage. Rather than stacking boxes aside in your office where they could be misplaced or damaged, make sure your documents don’t fall into the wrong hands by using professional document storage.  

2. Workflow issues. Businesses house important information like contracts, employee records, taxes, receipts and other essential information that must remain organized. Records storage is about finding information when you need it, not just getting it off the premises. At Gilmore Services, we use barcode scanning to organize all of your documents digitally, so processes run smoothly and information is found on the spot.

3. Losing money. Some businesses opt for a self-storage unit to store boxes. Though this can be a quick fix, when you use a self-storage unit to store documents, you actually pay more for fewer benefits. Important services like computerized file indexing, effective pest control and document scanning services are not included at most self-storage facilities. Just consider this fact: you could store 100 boxes of documents at a professional document storage facility for less than a cup of coffee per day.

4. Business growth. As your business grows, a filing cabinet is often not enough to contain all of your important records. Using a records management company to secure off-site records helps you manage your record storage needs through the demands of regulations and the threat of litigation. With a growing business comes the responsibility to protect the company, clients and employees. A records storage center with national affiliations can help you stay on top of proper retention and disposal of records to keep your company secure.

5. Files are at risk. Business owners know the importance of managing risk. With the threat of data breaches and natural disasters looming, files must be secure and backed up for safekeeping. Remember that important services like document security guarantee, insurance coverage, employee background checks and document shredding services are not included services at self-storage units. Instead, professional document storage companies offer these services standard for the most secure storage option at an affordable rate.

Your business has the opportunity to become organized and compliant with regulations by properly storing important documents. Interested in learning more about what type of records storage is right for your business?

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