Is Your Business Ready to Go Paperless? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Wed, Sep 17, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
Is Your Business Ready to Go Paperless? Take this Quiz to Find Out

The idea of having a “paperless” office is a trending topic among many business owners. As records management companies secure documents, share information, and control access, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are attempting to ditch paper and embrace technology.  

Though there are many benefits of reducing paper processes at your business, going “paperless” may not be the best strategy for every office. When it’s right, cutting down on paper can lower costs and streamline information, when it’s wrong for your office, it can be a workflow overhaul that garners little payback. Ask yourself and your staff the following questions to see if going “paperless” is right for your business.


So is going paperless right for your office? Add all of your answers to find your results.


  • 6 and under. Going paperless is probably not right for your office. Call a records management professional to discuss hard copy storage solutions. There may be a more efficient way to manage your paper documents than your current strategy.
  • 7 to 13. Possibly. It depends on your office’s specific needs and goals. Call a records management company that offers professional document imaging to discuss your goals and the options available.
  • 14 and Up. Your business would see the benefit of a “paperless” environment. Call a document imaging company to discuss your office’s needs and goals.

Different businesses need different systems and approaches to handle their documents. If you are interested in going paperless, find out these 4 things to do before becoming a paperless office. And always, contact us to get an estimate on your document scanning and management needs. 

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