How to Help Children Cope with a Household Move

Tue, Jun 10, 2014
By: Jim Beran
How to Help Children Cope with a Household Move

We all know moving can be a stressful, and even an emotional process. As adults, we learn to manage this stress and know we are moving for a purpose whether it be for a new job, a better location or a new home. Every move is different, but the affect it has on our lives and routines is always significant.

When you add children to the mix, a move becomes even more involved. If we feel pressure during a move, then we can be sure children are feeling anxious as well.

For children, a move can be exciting, scary or sad. To ease tension and calm nerves, try these tips to help children cope with a household move.

Keep them in the loop

No one likes to feel left in the dark. Let children know about the move early on so they can prepare and you have time to work with them on any concerns they might have. Be sure not to underestimate what your children are feeling about a move. They might internalize their feelings, so it is important to encourage a conversation about the change.

Build positive anticipation

As their parent, you set the tone for the move. Try inspiring positivity by explaining the benefits of the new area like their new school, nearby park, bigger room or new activities they can begin.

Friends are everything

At a certain age, children connect very strongly with their friends from school, their neighborhood or extracurricular activities. Realizing that they need to leave their friends is often most difficult for children during a move. Help them transition by visiting their school ahead of time and encouraging social activities.

Hand over some control

Help children feel some control over the move. Let them have a say in how their room will be arranged, and even let them draw out how it will look on paper ahead of time. Try having them select a special box with his or her most favorite possessions to take with them. They can decorate the outside of the box so they can quickly identify it in their new home.

Lower stress when possible

Planning for the move ahead of time can cut down on confusion, frustration and keep your move organized. Hiring a residential moving company to move your belongings can alleviate your tasks and allow time to focus on other aspects of the move. At Gilmore Services, we can pack for you too! Need more resources to lower stress? Try one of these 10 children’s books about moving

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