4 Tips to Overcome the Document Storage Blues

Wed, Jun 17, 2015
By: Jim Beran
4 Tips to Overcome the Document Storage Blues

A college graduate can face difficulties while entering the business world. The whole journey is fun, frustrating, interesting, and sometimes stressful. Overall it's a huge learning experience. As young adults dabble and transition between jobs in various industries, they are introduced to the fundamentals of each job and learn how different businesses function. 

One of the first introductory jobs I had while in college was as an administrator in an up-and-coming home construction business. My daily responsibilities included transitioning closed accounts into new manila folders and filing them with their invoices placed in an alphabetic and orderly system. As simple and tedious as it was, it would take an entire workday to complete.

As Marketing Manager at Gilmore Services, I see the ups and downs businesses face with document storage every day. Though the records management process can at times be challenging, there are 4 really helpful ways to overcome the document storage blues.

Stop Pouting Over Overflowing Filing Cabinets

Battling with the filing cabinet trying to make all the files fit was a constant struggle. As the company steadily kept receiving more accounts, there was a definite need for more space. Rather than trying to make all of the documents fit into a confined area, off-site document storage would have been a much more convenient alternative.

Stop Crying Over Unorganized Files

Organizing and filing weren't the only battles I fought. After working so hard to keep the filing cabinets meticulously organized, other employees would take individual files out, which would eventually disorganize all of my hard work. This meant I ended up having to do my job all over again, which would waste time and set me back. By housing these accounts at a secure records management company the documents would have remained in order.

Stop Whining Over Misplaced Documents

Due to employees taking individual documents out of a folder for their use, important papers would often go missing. This usually caused confusion and frustration within the office and wasted time that would otherwise be avoided with a professional document management system.

Stop Fretting Over Mother Nature

Although I no longer work for this company, Pensacola's historic flood in 2014 destroyed their office and a large portion of their records. Handling wet documents can be a huge burden, and if not treated properly and in a timely manner, you are potentially exposing yourself, your employees, and your customers to hazardous mold.

Had I known about Gilmore Services records management and disaster recovery services, it could have saved me from the document storage blues. To find out more ways qualified document management company can help you overcome the most challenging situations, like a natural disaster, we welcome you to download our recent Case Study. 

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