What You Should Know About Moving to Florida

Wed, Dec 18, 2019
By: Jim Beran
What You Should Know About Moving to Florida

Moving is both exciting and stressful. When you’re moving to a new state, there are elements of uncertainty that can complicate the move and raise questions.

At Gilmore Services, we understand that. We’ve been helping people move for decades and one of the most common questions we hear from people who are moving to our area is:

What do I need to know about moving to Florida?

That’s a great question because Florida is unique and it’s important to be prepared for your move. Here are some things you should know.

Florida Has No State Income Tax

One of the biggest financial advantages of moving to Florida is that you won’t be required to pay a state income tax because Florida doesn’t have one. That means that even if you make the same amount of money you did living elsewhere, your paycheck will be higher living in Florida.

Florida Has Warm Weather Year Round

Florida is one of the southernmost states in the country and as such, has warm weather year round. During the winter months, that makes Florida a popular destination for tourists. In the summer, the high heat and humidity canmake being outdoors uncomfortable for some, which is why nearly every home and apartment in Florida has air conditioning.

Tourism is Here to Stay

We already mentioned that Florida’s warm weather makes it a popular tourist destination, but weather isn’t the state’s only charm. It also features beautiful beaches and natural wonders such as the Everglades, as well as Disney World. When you move to Florida, you should be prepared to see and deal with tourists year-round.

Hurricane Preparedness is Essential

You probably already know that Florida is often in the path of hurricanes and that they can sometimes do significant damage to homes and property. For that reason, it’s essential to master the art of hurricane preparedness when you move to Florida. That means having access to non-perishable food and safe drinking water, as well as taking precautions to protect your home.


Insurance Costs Are High in South Florida

On a related note, you should be aware that the cost of homeowner’s insurance in Florida – particularly South Florida – tends to be very high because of the risk of hurricane damage. If you are buying a home near the water, you should expect to pay high premiums to insure your house and belongings.

Florida Is for People of All Ages

A lot of older people live in Florida permanently or have winter homes here to escape the snow and cold. However, that doesn’t mean that Florida isn’t a great place for young people to live. The state has its share of retirement communities combined with a vibrant nightlife in big cities, making it ideal for people of all ages.

Florida is a Swing State

It’s likely that you’ve noticed that Florida is a swing state in presidential elections. That means that during primary season and especially during the general election, you can expect to see major contenders frequently as well as being exposed to a lot of political ads, polling, and calls.

Sink Holes Are a Risk

The ground in Florida is highly porous and sinkholes open regularly. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict where or when a sinkhole will occur, but it’s important to know about the risk. If you buy a home near a swamp, the risk may be higher than it would be in other areas.

Florida’s Beaches Are Incomparable

While there are some downsides to living in Florida, there’s no denying that the state’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the country. Whether you want the party vibe of Miami Beach or the crystal waters of the Keys, you’re sure to find a beach that you’ll love here.


Moving to Florida is exciting and you’ll have many things to look forward to after you arrive. The information we’ve included here will help you prepare for your move.

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