4 Common Misconceptions about Document Shredding

Tue, Jul 15, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
4 Common Misconceptions about Document Shredding

Whether or not to have an in-office shredder or use a professional shredding company is one many businesses have faced. On one hand, it’s convenient to have a document shredder right in the office. On the other hand, personal shredding machines shred a few pieces of paper at a time, must be managed properly by your internal team and lack the speed and efficiency of a commercial shredder. For a real look at what is best for your office, here are four common misconceptions about professional document shredding to consider.

1. Shredded paper is wasted.

At Gilmore Services, no shredded paper is wasted. After paper has been shredded and compressed, it is sent to our recycling partner for proper recycling for reuse. Professional shredding companies can ensure you’re business is taking the greenest approach. 

2. Professional shredding is time-consuming.

As many of us know from using an in-office paper shredder, shredding stacks of documents takes time. Removing staples and clips on documents can be a pain, and often means paying an employee to accomplish the task. Professional document shredding doesn’t have to take any extra time. Simply drop documents into in-office secure bins provided by your shredding company, and your shredding company picks up documents for secure shredding. With on-site document shredding, documents are shredded in a secure truck on the premises, which is a solution for businesses that require destruction of confidential or copyrighted materials before it leaves the property. 

Document destruction can also be performed off-site at a secure facility with a commercial shredder. Here, your shredding company picks up materials in a secure vehicle with GPS tracking, your materials are brought to the shredding facility, and you receive a certificate of destruction documenting the safe and complete elimination of your materials from a NAID certified company.

3. Only big companies need document shredding.

With identity theft and data breaches becoming a growing a problem, professional document destruction is for every business. Whether you have five employees or 500, your business records and documents need to be handled confidentially, especially if your business needs to remain compliant with industry laws and regulations. To avoid legal ramification, businesses of any size are candidates for professional on-site or off-site document shredding. 

4. Professional shredding isn’t necessary.

Finally, one of the biggest misconceptions about document shredding is that it doesn’t matter how information is destroyed, as long as it is destroyed. At Gilmore Services, we know that it isn’t the case. Using a NAID Certified document shredding company is the only true way to ensure your documents are securely destroyed to the highest standard.

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