4 Tools to Emotionally Prepare For Your Pensacola Household Move

Tue, Apr 29, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
4 Tools to Emotionally Prepare For Your Pensacola Household Move

Moving is often associated with planning, packing and physical labor. As a Florida Wheaton Agent and residential moving company, we will make sure your belongings are handled with care during your moving process. Although you might be prepared logistically, it’s important to consider the emotional toll a move can take. Young or old, long-term resident or not, moving can be emotional. Here are 5 tools to emotionally prepare for your move:

Seek support

Moving to a different home can feel like you’re moving your entire life. For such a big change it’s helpful to surround yourself with friends and family who can offer support. Sharing your excitement, fears or reservations can allow you to get things off your chest and embrace the move. If you’re moving long distance, consider the time you need to say goodbyes.

Look for the good

Are you moving to a better area? Will you have more space? Is there more to do in your new town? Once you've searched for residential moving companies, try to focus on a big benefit that can shift your mindset. Instead of getting caught up in stress and the things you will miss, think about all of the good things that will come from your move.

Make time For R&R

Who hasn’t felt completely depleted after a move? As part of your planning process, make time to take breaks and rest. Incorporating time to sleep or wind down into your schedule will keep you from overdoing it during the move.

Enjoy a clean slate

Although packing and going through all of your things can make you feel sentimental, approach this process as a way to create a clean slate. Moving is a great opportunity to let go of things and reorganize and invigorate your current situation. Consider donating to charity or having a yard sale before you move.

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How to Emotionally Prepare for a Move