4 Ways to Know it's Time to Scan Your Documents

Tue, Jan 14, 2014
By: Jacob Gilmore
4 Ways to Know it's Time to Scan Your Documents

Most businesses understand the importance of records management. Filing important documents and storing records keeps your work environment flowing well. But when left unchecked, records management practices can become outdated, resulting in a number of cluttered, unorganized boxes crowding your office. Document scanning services can get your business back on track and secure important information. Take a look at how you will know when its time to scan your documents, vs. keeping them in storage.

You need constant access to certain files 

If you are looking for certain files on a regular basis, it may be time to have them scanned and electronically stored. This allows ease of access so you don't have to dig through file cabinets or boxes to find the documents. Instead of wasting time looking for a hard copy document, consolidate important records by having them professionally scanned, so they are easily searchable right from your computer or mobile device. 

Your files keep getting backlogged

You might think you can manage all of your business’s scanning jobs independently. What's often not accounted for is the time it takes to scan individual documents. If you notice that your files keep getting backlogged and you are behind on weeks of scanning jobs, a records management company with a powerful, industrial strength scanner can scan all of your files quickly, saving you lots of time and resources.

You need more space

Why crowd your office space with stacks of documents waiting to be scanned? Free up space around your office or in storage units by keeping information securely stored on sleek compact disks that you can easily access and organize.

You want more security

If you have documents stored in your office or at a self-storage unit, it’s often hard to be sure of their security. These records are at risk of being accessed by unauthorized parties and are subject to damage from a natural disasters or poor management. Scanning these documents backs up your information digitally.

Is it time to look into document imaging or scanning? Give us a call to find out how Gilmore Services can help your business with records management.