Is Your Information Safer with Document Scanning and Imaging?

Tue, Nov 19, 2013
By: Jim Beran
Is Your Information Safer with Document Scanning and Imaging?

No matter how you choose to store your important information, there’s an inherent risk associated with the safety of your documents. Whether in a digital or a hard copy format, unexpected disasters or mistakes can cause you to lose important information. However, you can take certain steps to make sure your information is as protected as possible. 

At Gilmore Services, we offer document scanning and imaging to further preserve your important records. Take a look at why your information is ultimately safer with document scanning and imaging.

How does it work?

Document scanning and imaging uses technology to capture paper-based information and convert it to digital images that are stored in a computer electronically.

What are the benefits?

  • For starters, you double up on safety when you have a digital copy of your records. Storing digital images of documents along with a hard copy means you still have access to your information if one version is lost or destroyed.
  • Second, you gain faster access to what you need from a document by having it in a digital format. Because you probably only need to reference certain parts of a document, you can do a full text search for exactly what you want to find, rather than manually searching through a lengthy document.
  • Third, you save space by having a digital version of your information. Instead of keeping cumbersome files around your office or home, you can store your files at a records management company and simply use a disk to access the information you need.

Finally, having digital copies of your information keeps you up-to-date in today’s technological world. Digital files are easier to send and receive and the quick access saves you time. 

Are you interested in taking the next step toward more secure documents? Contact us today to find out how digital scanning and imaging can work for your business.