3 Packing Tips for Your Next Household Move in Pensacola

Tue, Nov 05, 2013
By: Jacob Gilmore
3 Packing Tips for Your Next Household Move in Pensacola

packing peanutsUnless you have lived in the same home until now, you have packed up before moving to a new home. Whether you packed your personal items or helped a friend, the process can be time consuming and labor intensive.

There are plenty of options for packing your belongings, from doing it yourself to hiring a Pensacola moving company. Either way, you can simplify the process by trying these three packing tips for your next household move in the Pensacola area.

1. Clear the Clutter

Before you ever place a book in a box or take down a piece of artwork, look closely at the items in your home. Take note of appliances, furniture, clothing, dishes or décor that you don’t need to go with you on your move. This is an excellent time to clear your home of clutter and cut down your moving efforts.

After you have found items that you no longer need, consider selling them on eBay or Craigslist or arranging for a charity to pick them up several weeks before your move.

2. Find a method to the madness

How many times have you designated a day for packing only to become overwhelmed and procrastinate? Consolidating your entire home into boxes is no easy feat, and requires planning. An experienced moving company with secure movers can eliminate unneeded stress.

To begin packing on your own, start with out-of-season items first. By packing things you don’t use daily, you can start the process confidently without worrying what you’re putting away.

On the other hand, pack the items you need first in a clear plastic bin so that you can easily reference where your essential items are such as paper towels, trash bags, eating utensils, phone chargers, toilet paper or tools.

Another tip that will help you and your moving company is to label your boxes. Not only should you list the type of items in a box, indicate the room to which each box should be delivered at your new home. 

3. Things to Remember

The less there is to pack, the better. Conserve boxes by not leaving any empty spaces in the boxes. You can fill in gaps with clothing such as socks, towels, or packing material. Make sure toiletries are tightened and place any liquids in a sandwich bag to avoid a mess.

Next, think about the first night in your new home. Chances are you won’t want to unpack different boxes to find your toothbrush and a change of clothes. Instead, pack a separate overnight bag with everything you need for one night. 

Finally, reinstalling electronics in a new home can be tricky. Before you pack away your devices, take a photo of how your electronics are connected, so you can remember how to set them up at your new location.

Try out these easy packing tips before your next move to ease your stress so you can focus on your new home. Planning a move soon? Find out how you can emotionally plan and prepare in our free guide:How to Emotionally Prepare for a Move