Downstream Data Coverage


Protecting Your Information with Downstream Data 

As a certified records management company, it’s always our goal to implement the latest advancements in our industry to keep our customers’ information securely protected. That’s why we took our information protection measures to the next level, ensuring all of our customers are 100% covered with professional liability insurance through Downstream Data.

Data breach protection ranks as a top concern for many companies, and we address this issue directly offering the most comprehensive protection for our customers. Gilmore Services is the only company in the region to provide this level of coverage.

Developed specifically for NAID AAA Certified companies, Downstream Data:

  • Covers customers’ data breach notification to the full limit of the policy.
  • Is the only professional liability coverage designed to specifically cover the data exposures of service providers, better protecting both us and our clients.
  • Protects customers beyond other liability products that do not cover harmful financial consequences and risks.
  • Is not obtainable by just any company. Downstream Data is only eligible to service providers subject to the security specifications and audits of the NAID AAA Certification process.
  • Is now included in our services for customers at no extra cost. 

Companies that work with us should know that their information is protected, regardless of the circumstances. As more businesses take measures to avoid security breaches, we help carry out that initiative by offering built-in insurance coverage for the business records and information we manage.

Learn more about what we can do to protect your company. Here are a few resources that you might find helpful: