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Local, state, federal and industry regulations are on the rise, which makes the risk of non-compliance a reality for many businesses. Gilmore Services stays on top of regulatory mandates to help support your compliance strategy. Our effective records management program includes a proven Release of Information (ROI) process and Records Retention Scheduling to destroy confidential information in compliance with industry standards. We are NAID Certified making us compliant with data protection laws such as HIPAA and FACTA.


6 Step ROI Process

  1. 1. Gilmore Services receives authorization and request by email, fax or our secure RSWeb.Net access portal.
  2. 2. Experienced staff vets the documents and processed according to client policies.
  3. 3. Request is entered into our electronic status log that tracks all correspondence from the time of receipt to release of information.
  4. 4. File is scanned by character recognition technology (OCR) and converted into one digital file (PDF or TIF). 
  5. 5. File is encrypted and uploaded to our secure host server and made available to the requestor via a secure website.  To accommodate requestors who cannot receive files electronically, paper copies or faxes are sent.
  6. 6. Requestor is notified via email when the file is available for download.
Managing the life cycle of your documents is a critical business procedure in protecting your company from litigation today and into the future. 
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