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Case Study: A Client's Journey From Flood Disaster to Document Security

Learn how TestAmerica was able to recover from an unpredictable weather event in 2014 with help from Gilmore Services.
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We offer real-time, electronic access to your records through document scanning services that easily and securely convert paper to digital files.

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As a Florida Wheaton Moving Agent, we provide exceptional commercial moving services and residential moving services in the Pensacola area and beyond.

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Secure Storage

Free up office space and be sure documents are confidentially stored, yet accessible when needed with off site document storage, cloud digital storage and commercial warehousing.

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We understand business material destruction requirements and are NAID certified to help you with on site and off site secure shredding services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


"Gilmore Services has helped us dramatically with document management, and their team has made the process very easy. Once a document leaves, we don't have to worry about it unless we need it. It's all taken care of for us.”

Kathy Avery

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"For years now, we have been using Gilmore Services for our shredding services. Family owned and operated for over 60 years, I highly recommend using them for shredding, document storage and household or business moves!

Brian Hagensick
United Property Management of The Gulf Coast

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Top Reasons to Think Before You Destroy Documents

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