Hard Drive Destruction: What You Can Expect

Our NAID Certified and audited destruction process provides the needed documentation for compliance with laws and regulations such as: Gramm/Leach/Bliley, Privacy Act, FACTA, HIPAA Security Rule and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards for properly managing and discarding of data and information.

We will physical destroy up to 10 Computer Hard Drives for $95.00. This price includes:

  • Transportation to your facility.
  • Destruction process will be completed on-site at your place of business, shredding is the method of physical destruction.
  • Any employees are welcome and able to witness the destruction process.
  • Destruction process will be performed by an employee of Gilmore Services.
  • Certificate of destruction, serial number scanning, acknowledging the receipt and physical destruction of each computer hard drive.
  • All shredded material is recycled.

Gilmore Services is one of only seven companies in the USA, certified by NAID for On-site Micro and Computer Media destruction, that carries the proper professional liability indemnification data insurance that protects our customers:

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