How Cloud Document Storage Meets 2 Important Business Needs

Wed, Feb 22, 2017
By: Steve Clopton
How Cloud Document Storage Meets 2 Important Business Needs

Storing business documents on “the cloud” has become an increasingly popular -- and critical -- way for companies to ensure comprehensive access to and security over their files. While cloud storage has come under criticism in some circles for its perceived vulnerability to hacking, the cloud is, in fact, one of the most secure ways to store your documents, especially if you work with a reputable storage partner.

The advantages don’t end at security. Cloud document storage also increases the amount of physical space available to your business and ensures remote access to information necessary for collaboration with internal staff and clients.

Here’s a closer look at how cloud document storage can meet two of your most important business needs.

Cloud Document Storage Saves Physical Space

Whether you are part of a small or large business, office rent is likely one of the biggest expenditures. If you’re storing paper documents and old hard drives on-site, much of the space you’re paying for is not serving a revenue generating purpose. This wasted space is especially costly if you’ve been considering moving to a larger or more expensive location to accommodate storage, desks and equipment.

Instead, by converting physical records to digital files and using cloud document storage, you can return that space to the office and add new desks and workstations that facilitate productivity and innovation. The added space may even allow you to hire more employees and generate more revenue.

Cloud Document Storage Facilitates Remote Access

Cloud storage also increases efficiency by allowing you the capability to administer files directly from your desktop. You’ll no longer need to dig within your office storage room or travel to a storage unit to retrieve old files, because they’ll be easily accessible and searchable right from your computer in a secure online portal, no matter where you’re located.

And if your business employs remote staff or requires frequent travel, cloud storage facilitates internal collaboration and remote access. Consider the enhanced efficiency of being able to collaborate and revise critical documents in real time, without having to email changes back and forth.

Additionally, cloud storage gives you the opportunity to work closely with and receive feedback from clients and customers, regardless of geography.

Can you manage DIY cloud storage?

While you can integrate cloud storage internally with an in-house network, many businesses don’t have the hardware, software or IT expertise to achieve it.

Alternatively, working with a cloud document storage partner can deliver the benefits of digital storage to any business using the software as a service model (SaaS). This allows you to harness all the advantages without the training and up-front costs associated with internal cloud management.

Gilmore Services offers a complete document management solution. We scan your records to get you started and once everything is in the cloud, our off site document storage and document destruction services help you manage the full lifecycle of your important business records.

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